Understanding Waste Water Treatment – Router Collection


Although wastewater treatment can be ignored by the vast majority of people, it is an important tool for reusing water. The process is common all over the United States but isn’t discussed typically due to its nature. Knowing the procedure can help remove the stigma that surrounds it making it easier for people to see the true value it brings to the country.

Consider New York City, for example, one of the largest cities in the world. The city has fourteen different wastewater treatment facilities. The plants process a total of 1.3 billion daily gallons of drinking water.

For those living in United States, there are approximately 14,746 plants across the country which directly affect 70% of total inhabitants.

Bar screens represent the beginning step in this process. These handle larger items which are then mixed in the stage. These help remove larger items from the water making easier to manage them. The speed at which the heavy debris into the machine is the determining factor for the amount of time they’re raked.

The second phase involves the next step, the grit chamber. The grit chamber was designed to deal with dirt and dust, which are too small for bar screens.

For more information about the wastewater treatment process take a look at the video.


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