Ways to Prevent and Reverse Thinning Hair – Family Magazine


We are able to help solve all of your troubles! Clumps of hair in your hairbrush or large quantities of scalp showing are both indicators of balding; the same thing women and males do. It is true that up to 50% of people will be bald in their life.

Hair loss could be caused from excessive heat or chemicals in the hair. You can make your hair appear more fuller and thicker without having to treat the issue. This can be accomplished via styling tweaks, for example, layering your hair. Minoxidil is a well-known medicine which is prescribed to ladies suffering in hair loss as a result of hormonal issues. Also, you can get platelet rich plasma shots to repair hair follicles and promote hair growth.

If you’d prefer homemade remedies to treat the hair loss issue Some oils like sunflower oil, the castor oil, and argon oil can do your job. All of these options will lessen breakage and permit hair to get thicker over time. No matter which approach you pick there is no need to feel alone or without hope in the quest to grow your hair!


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