Ultimate Guide to a Labyrinth Seal – Kredy Online


In selecting the labyrinth or clearing seals, both the operational speed and temperature must be taken into consideration. These seals are not designed for use at low speeds. Laminar sealing ringsthat make use of a series of flat metal washer-like rings with different sizes to create an elongated seal, is an alternative type of labyrinth clear seal.

Labyrinth seals typically use a variety of non-contact metal rings and other equipment to form a labyrinth that is difficult to let unwanted materials through while also protecting oils. The clearance between the spinning shaft and the seal ring’s internal diameter is controlled through the design of the clearance seal.

Clearing and labyrinth seals differ distinguished from single-lip seals due to the fact that they disperse pressure over the entire seal, instead of focusing on a single area. There are also grooves acting as lips. Teeth design options include interlocking, staggered, broken halves, stepped single-piece or eight-piece versions for labyrinth seals and clearing seals.


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