Do I Need My Wisdom Teeth? – Best Online Magazine

Five million Americans have their wisdom teeth extracted each year. They can cause dental decay, infection, tumors, and other complications. If wisdom teeth are only causing difficulties, then why have they been allowed to remain in our mouths?

Humans used to need wisdom teeth to tear down hard foods, before we learned to cook and forage in order to enjoy more palatable foods. Our jaws are growing in size over time but the number of teeth have not increased. Since the moment the wisdom teeth appeared in the early 20th century, we now have 28 teeth. Wisdom teeth do not show in your teens until the late teens and into your early 20s. At this stage, there’s little room to accommodate these teeth. In the absence of room Wisdom teeth are prone to developing a compacted appearance, decaying and storing bacteria.

Many people are unsure of how to remove wisdom teeth. But, dental professionals now suggest that people remove them in a proactive manner. Certain people don’t have the wisdom teeth in all four rows or do not have enough space in their jaws to accommodate them. Removing them without cause can result in more severe issues including nerve damage. Consult your dentist about the procedure that will be most beneficial for you as well as your teeth!


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