Common Symptoms Found During Fuel Injector Testing – Tech Talk Radio Show

The areas now susceptible to damage contribute heavily to the corrosion of fuel lines and fuel injectors. Blockages to carbon are common in gasoline-direct injectors in modern vehicles. It’s because the carbon is within the combustion chamber. the remaining fuel heats up.

Fuel injectors that are clogged show clear indications. Check engine light is one of the examples. There are misfires that can occur by using certain codes. Also, you may need to start your vehicle hard or your engine will not turn on at all. A clogged fuel injector can hinder fuel flow or reduce the amount fuel allowed to be pumped through. With no proper fuel-to-air ratio, the engine combustion doesn’t function properly. One of the possible causes is the fuel injector is blocked and will not provide the appropriate amount of fuel needed for the ECM. The lack of fuel may cause stalling in the engine, which could be caused by a poor air-to-fuel ratio. It is possible to experience a rough idle when the fuel injector does not release sufficient fuel to your engine.

It’s possible to have fuel injector testing if you suspect a clogged fuel injector. Make sure to have your fuel system cleaned every 50,000 miles to prevent your fuel injectors from blocking up.

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