First Steps Taken By Commercial Concrete Polishing Companies – Business Training Video

Polishing concrete has become more well-known in commercial, offices and retail warehouses along with residences. In the aftermath, there’s been an increase lately in the demand of commercial concrete polishing businesses. The YouTube video “Concrete Polishing, Staining” Polishing …” is a brief overview of the process that is carried out by the vast majority of polishing businesses for concrete.

The initial step is to employ a diamond grinding machine with an grit of 40 to eliminate any glue that remains before filling any joints and cracks with Polyuria joint filler. It is essential to make repairs prior to grinding or polishing the floor. The 150 grit metals are used to polish and grind the floor, then the 100 grit resin that binds diamonds, and then the final 400 grit diamond impregnated pad.

The following step involves using an application sprayer to the floor . It is also possible to add some decorative floor designs. Before moving on to the next stage after which the floor will be smoothed using an 800-grit pad. In order to make the stain more durable and start at the edges of the floor, the guard needs to be added in the last process. To highlight colors and to enhance the reflective characteristics on the floor, smoothing is recommended.


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