Do Your Pipes Have a Corrosion Problem? – Family Magazine

Do you notice that copper pipes are leaking more frequently? It could be that copper corrosion is an issue. It’s a frequent problem found within homes of families. It can occur when accidental debris gets into the pipes or the water damages it. In this video we will show you how to avoid copper pipe corrosion.

The main cause for pipe corrosion is simply the water chemistry. The buildup of minerals can happen due to the presence of minerals in your water. This buildup of minerals can cause corrosion to the pipes or cause fluid flow to change, that could cause corrosion to the pipes. Similar to this, poor soldering during installation and repairs could lead to water levels to move through pipes and cause it that it causes corrosion. While this may not be immediately apparent after installation or repair, this alteration in the flow of water can result in corrosion that becomes apparent over time. The reason is that many find themselves confused about the reason their pipes are leaking and becoming corroded. Thus, be sure to connect your pipes properly from the beginning.


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