What Is a Seal Coating Process Like? –

Know more about how sealcoating driveways work. Although you’ll work with a professional but it’s important to understand how to proceed during the process. Learn some more.

Any dirt, oil or other debris must be first cleaned out. This is important, as it is not a good idea to put undesirable materials in the seal coating. They will need to remove the previous seal coats. The driveway is then made ready for the new sealant.

Professionals will use a sprayer or a rolling pin to apply the sealant. They’ll have to wait for the first layer to dry before applying the next down. It’s to ensure there’s no bumps on the driveway as they put more layers of sealant down. All sealant must be dry before anyone walks across it.

The video below will demonstrate how seal coating professionals work. The technique is suitable on driveways and parking lots alike. Cal la company in your area to schedule an appointment now.


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