Glaucoma Treatment – Free Health Videos

There are a variety of treatments available. The article will cover the different treatment options available for glaucoma within this article.

Eye drops can be considered the primary treatment for Glaucoma. You may be prescribed eye drops by your physician, which are only required to use a few times per day. There are a few different types of eye drops you can use for Glaucoma. The type you choose will just depend on how severe of an issue you’ve got.

There is a possibility to have laser treatments if eye drops do not work for you. Laser treatments are better and more durable however, you’ll need to have it done again after a while.

Surgery is the last choice. It is generally used for those in a position to not be able to avail the previous two treatment options. Eye doctors may be able perform the surgery and may recommend an individual who is able to.

Glaucoma treatment is based on individual cases. So, different individuals will require different solutions. Although there are different alternatives, this provided an introduction to the options.


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