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vice. But, the YouTuber has taken a racoon for the pet of his house, seeming to control her and make her the most beloved pet. Piper has made quite name recognition on YouTube as one of the web’s most famous raccoons. Piper was a participant in a variety of activities, experiments along with her pet owners. this video is one of many videos where you can see this adorable raccoon in her human home. This video will demonstrate Piper choosing which of her famous chips is the best one based on texture and taste.

Clearly, Piper loves chips. Piper consumes a lot of chips in her first round. There are 8 choices and she is happy to devour them all with her little fingers. Original Sun Chips beat Cheddar Sun Chips and Lays Original barbecue chips beat out the baked version. Piper loved Fritos with chili cheese compared to the traditional ones, and prefers Nacho Cheese Doritos in place of cool ranch. Piper declares that his most favorite chip is the nacho cheese Dorito.


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