Getting Close to a Massive Tornado – Andre Blog

There is a risk of serious injury. When you’ve lost roof shingles as a result of powerful winds, you could need a roofing contractor. Supercells are powerful storms which can even produce a tornado. These powerful vortexes that are created by air can ruin the entire roof. In this video, we observe one such tornado.

Hank Schyma chased a Kansas storm on the 25th of May 2016. Hank was found in the path of storm was heading, however he quickly chose to reverse course and get towards a roadway that is paved. When the weather is damp, dirt roads can become a fatal trap. Some of his coworkers would become stuck after a while on dirt roads. The good news is that they made it through. After Hank repositioned to reposition himself, the EF4 tornado hit the ground at about 7 pm. The tornado was strong and was roaring from afar. Hank was able to follow the storm for some time until he reached a high vantage spot on the top of an uphill. He decided to take a closer look. At just a few hundred feet from the source, the funnel appears free. Hank was left scrambling for protection as it was able to change directions at any time. Hank persevered despite danger and recorded some fantastic footage.


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