Tips For Cleaning Smoke Damage At Home – Home Improvement Videos

But if you’re only experiencing a tiny amount of damaged smoke, you’ll be able to attempt to clean it up your self.

The host will show you the method of removing fumes from painted ceilings with a very simple method in this video. It’s not simple to clean dust and smoke. If you’re patient along with a little elbow grease it can be done. The key is to use the appropriate materials and methods.

The host uses simple green cleaner, diluted in 1:1 proportion with water. The solution is then poured into bottles for spraying. Also, a bucket is prepared. He also adds four melamine sponges to the bucket. These sponges, also known as magic sponges, are extremely important and need to be immersed in the water simultaneously.

The host will clean the ceiling by first spraying the ceiling liberally with green before scrubbing the ceiling in circular movements making use of the sponges. The host stresses the need to not let the ceiling dry before it is satisfied with its appearance. The sponges are changed frequently, then throws away the rest of the sponges back into the bucket.

This method will be able to eliminate smoke residue from any painted surfaces. tecb7fh14q.

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