How to Manage Attorney Reputation Online – Small Business Tips

What can you do to control your lawyer’s image and reputation

88% of online shoppers are influenced by reviews when they purchase items on the internet. Now, while you cannot buy an attorney off of Amazon (yet) However, many still do market research through Google when they’re deciding who they choose for legal representation.

Review sites with negative reviews could seriously hinder a law firm’s capacity at attracting new clients however, positive reviews may lead your firm to rank among the highest-ranked Google results when users search for attorneys in your area. It’s clear that this can have an immense impact on the bottom line however.

Respond to reviews that are negative and favorable reviews since it helps build confidence between you as well as your clients. It is also important to keep current your contact details, including the email address as well as your phone number. Google isn’t able to increase your ranking for local when it’s not aware of your location.

In order to boost your reputation on the internet there are numerous aspects to think about. Find out about SEO or search engines optimization (SEO) methods and companies nearby to aid in the growth of your company and outshine the competitors.


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